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Main Characters

Quin is confident, generally uninhibited, and, despite being a decent power hitter, not good enough at the intricacies of baseball to make it out of left field. He likes pakora, sneaking into bars to see shows and flirt with strangers, and clinging onto every word that Damien says.

Despite being hazardously reserved and heady, Damien is and has been best friends with Quin (and the object of his affection) since before the two of them were really old enough to be making memories. He has a terrible relationship with his parents and most of the kids at school.

Taught guitar by the local legend Wayde Castro (now M.I.A.), Tayler plays bass (with ambitions to move up to guitar) in Buttney Spears. She's headstrong and genial and has no trouble taking what she wants, especially if it'll cause recent ex-boyfriend Quin pain!

"Dr.L," as he's known, is the registered Empath working at Scadia Unified. It's his first year on the job, and he's trying his hardest to convince the kids he has authority (hence the beard), when in reality he doesn't feel that much older than them (because, in reality, he's not).

Supporting Cast

Kim is the most recent cheer-squad defector. Because of her competitive and adventurous nature, she ends up butting heads with Quin quite a bit. She'd have less of a problem hating him if he wasn't such a good friend of Kylee's.

Kylee is the catcher for the SUHS baseball team, and the drummer/singer for his band, Buttney Spears -- and not half-bad at either when he's focused. Mostly, though, he'd rather be hanging out with Kim and going to shows.

"Kappy," as they're known at school, is neurotic, shy, and has enough paranoid theories about Them to get a PhD already. They're Wayde Castro's biggest fan and first protege and play guitar in Buttney Spears despite having a fear of performing.

Cherise ("Cher") is Quin's kid sister. She likes dinosaurs, pakora, and Damien. Her hobbies include taking toys apart and hiding the pieces, not eating vegetables, and annoying her brother.

Minor Characters

Troy is the star pitcher for the SUHS varsity baseball team.

Student body president and head of the foreign exchange program.

Troy's track-running, poetry-reading girlfriend.

SUHS third baseman and resident meat-head/heart-throb.

Varsity quarterback.

Kim's football-player ex-boyfriend.